3R OHS - 3 Rolls Hydraulic Bending Machines

3R OHS - 3 Rolls Hydraulic Bending Machines

3R OHS roll bending machines, with their strong steel body and hydraulic movement through lower-lateral rolls, are used for rolling sheet, aluminium or stainless materials and light or medium sheet via propulsion through planet redactor connected to the main motor.

  • Steel constructed machine body ST-52
  • Well-equipped shafts made from certified steel with SAE 1050 (CK-45)
  • Hydraulic up and down movement system with bottom and laterals rolls
  • Hydraulic balancing system
  • Accordence with CE standards 

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  • Hardened rolls
  • Mobile electrical control panel
  • Movement and parallelism adjustment of the rollers controlled from control panel
  • Two digital readouts for easy roll positioning
  • User manual

  • Hydraulic lateral side supports for large diameters
  • Overhead crane for large diameters
  • Material feed table
  • Infinitively variable speed of rotation
  • NC control panel
  • CNC control system