SMR - S Asymmetrical Three-Roll Bending Machine

SMR - S Asymmetrical Three-Roll Bending Machine

Our SMR-S models are one of the most preferred machines in metal processing sector for light and medium work with its welded strong body, electric motor on up and bottom rolls.

  • Well-equipped shafts made from certified steel with SAE 1050 (CK-45)
  • Chain and belt driven spiral type reducer with cogged fittings and driven up and bottom rolls
  • Steel constructed machine body ST-52
  • Rear roll motor
  • Precision bending with brake motor
  • Accordance with CE standards

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SMR / S Kapasite Tablosu

  • Manuel extensile up roll
  • Cone bending roller
  • Central lubrication system
  • Mobile electrical control panel
  • User Manuel

  • PLC control system
  • Digital display for rear roll
  • Movement of rear roll with electrical motor
  • Hardened rolls
  • Extended shaft ends for fixing profile and pipe bending rolls
  • Profile valve rolls